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Colossal Titan Attacks! | Premium Wooden Deck Box

  • $ 6500

This epic wooden deck box is hand crafted for the biggest Attack on Titan fans! Crafted with maple hardwood, this box is also engraved with the actual BRICKS of Wall Maria (with a grey-silver spray paint finish).

Emblazoned on the front is a acrylic engraving of the Wall's crest. When suddenly . . . opening the box appears the devastating Colossal Titan himself!!!

The bottom compartment is for storage of coins, dices, and other TCG related equipment. Lastly engraved on the compartment button is the Survey Corps Badge, displayed proudly with honor.

  • Capable of storing up to 100 standard cards sleeved.
  • Deluxe (and Premium) editions include a bottom compartment for coins, dices, damage counters, etc.

Crafted by FaceVII
Los Angeles, California

Please allow 3-5 days in addition to shipping time for specially crafted goods.

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